What is Real Time Email?

Real Time Email is a concept and an idea that stems from our online communication tool-set. In social media, expectations are set that concerns should be responded to immediately with the best possible human face.

Email is an old idea. Email is slow. It's faster than snail mail, but typical businesses hold onto the idea that emails should be responded to within 24-48 hours.

Why wait 24-48 hours when you get the email instantaneously? The answer is simple: some companies don't prioritize customer service and don't see it as a core necessity for client growth. In some of these cases, companies don't have enough employees and one staffer is juggling many roles. And most people don't manage their email well. If only everyone could achieve inbox zero with nothing actionable in their inbox.

Your marketing is only as good as your customer service. Let your customer service put your company on a pedestal that elevates it to be the Zappos of their class. (Zappos is known as an extremely customer-centric company. It's a mentality we live by and one we want to teach you all about.)

Why should I invest in this and not marketing?

For smaller businesses especially, social media marketing may not be the best use of your cash. After all, paying thousands of dollars a month for something that may work probably isn’t the most effective use of your budget. Instead of doing something that may not amount to anything, do something that will work. Fast responses surprise people.

Don’t you want to surprise your customers?

What do I get out of it?

You get someone with a proven track record of acting fast for customer retention and satisfaction. This is the mindset we want to take to your company.

We've been monitoring customer service email queues for years. We realize that a delayed response can send a customer seeking assistance to your competition. Our highest priority is getting back to the client and making them happy. This converts sales and still blows people away. Yes, in 2017.

You get someone who literally wows people by the speed of their responses while giving quality support.

But you do marketing, don't you?

Yes, that's where we came from. Today, though, we find that people are all about marketing at the expense of customer retention, thinking "hey, if I get new customers, I don't have serve my existing customers." WRONG idea. There's a core issue that's often overlooked called customer service. We're also saying that it exists in most companies but is not reaching its full potential of real time communications. Customer service via email is done slowly and it's not personalized. We are here to change that.

And of course, depending on the type of client we work with, we can certainly give my expertise to you to help on your marketing efforts. We can help with strategy and execution. However, my biggest priority is reaching the core of the problem, something that is best addressed with a real time customer service department. You won't be disappointed.

What exactly is real time?

Those who know our chief responder know she works from morning until night. She typically replies within 5-10 minutes on almost all emails. Delays longer than that are rare.

Our chief responder often handles these communications herself. Our team can do an 8 hour coverage in real time, a 12 hour coverage, or 16 hour coverage. There are some small exceptions that will be communicated when we get in touch. But we've been managing real-time communications for a VERY busy company with over five million customers, and we haven't had that type of issue yet.

Why should I work with Real Time Email and not someone full time under my own watch?

We're willing and able to work with you in terms of how you want to set up this engagement. We don’t want to be looked at as outsourced support. With the right synergy between Real Time Email and your business, we’ll be very much part of your team and will rock your support world. Your customers will be very happy.

We bring many years of real time communication skills to the table, taking advantage of the speed to help further companies we’ve worked with. Those real time skills grew a company we’ve worked with almost double in 12 months through marketing and real time prowess. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of customers here.

You have experience, passion, organizational skills, and someone who wants to solve problems for you all in one package. You’re not buying a virtual assistant. You’re getting much more out of it.

Like what?

If the above didn’t sell you yet, learn more about our chief responder here. Yes, we have some marketing expertise too. You might even get some of that. If we’re part of your team, we want our primary goal to be building your customer support up to extremes, but we’ll use our experience to help you grow even more beyond service and support. We can talk about that later.

What proficiencies do you possess?

Here is just a sampling of tasks we've handled since the company was established: * Living Social and Groupon deal support, managing high paced high-touch customer inquiries
* Ticket systems: Freshdesk, Groove, Kayako, and Zendesk
* Shopify support
* Very high demand support (e.g. crowdfunding campaigns - Kickstarter and Indiegogo
* Support requiring technical expertise (your chief responder also builds her own computers and has a Linux server in her basement) * B2B and B2C * Real Time social media support, primarily on Twitter and Facebook where the activity resides

What kind of budget do I need?

Full disclosure: this is not your basic customer service. In fact, we'd argue that if you are fixated on hiring a "customer service rep," don't hire us--remember, it is a premium service. However, if you are looking to hire a team that is fast, focused, and extremely relationship-driven, someone who is fixated on customer experience with the intention of driving sales and marketing gains by association, we can talk. We live, breathe, and sleep relationships and in addressing customer needs furiously and fast!

How do I get in touch?

Contact us at tamar at realtimeemail dot com letting me know about your current business, your email volume, your budget, and needs, and we'll get back to you in a few minutes. Or use the contact form below.